otto hutt
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A classic in the spotlight

Summer is approaching in leaps and bounds. The days are getting longer, the sun’s rays are warming us up. The weather makes us want to write diaries or postcards on the balmy summer days. A breath of fresh air acts as a soothing break in the midst of daily hustle and bustle – just like the writing instruments of design04. The new variants in classic platinum, rose gold, yellow gold and ruthenium are in the spotlight at Otto Hutt in June and blend in perfectly with the summer mood. The precious coating lends pure elegance to the fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens and pencils.

The extension of the design line reflects opposites that complement each other. The expressive tones of platinum and ruthenium and the delicate look of rose gold and yellow gold highlight how aesthetics influence our everyday lives. The straight lines and subtle design have a calming effect and transform writing with design04 writing instruments into a truly special writing experience. For a unique look & feel, the matte barrel is paired with highly polished fittings – contrast as a treat for the eye. The entire writing instrument is coated with high-quality materials in each of the classic precious metals platinum, rose gold, yellow gold and ruthenium. Detail lovers will delight in the gold-plated elements of the nib in the platinum and ruthenium variants – a special feature worth its weight in gold. In rose gold and yellow gold, the nib features elements in the respective contrasting tones of ruthenium and platinum.

Original design thought modern

A tribute to aesthetic straightness, the design04 embodies pure elegance. Perfectly shaped and with compact dimensions, its remarkable handling ensures true pleasure in writing – with style. Based on an original design by Otto Hutt, design04 reflects the spirit of the inventor in its most beautiful form. Thus, the best workmanship, outstanding functionality and valuable sustainability are at the forefront of manufacturing. Classic design with traditional craftsmanship thought modern. High-quality precious metals perfect the perfectly executed craftsmanship.