otto hutt
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A stylish gift. A stylish signature.

That moment, when your signature is about to change your life … finally lovers can celebrate their special day with friends and family again. With a dedicated engraving on your favorite pen, this important day always remains within reach. Whether you treat yourself to an engraved design on your wedding day or use it as a heartfelt thank-you gift for your witnesses: with a writing implement from Otto Hutt, you will give yourself and your loved ones appreciation that will last a lifetime.

To last a lifetime is the aim Otto Hutt strives for with each of their high-quality writing instruments. Matching fountain pens are a perfect wedding gift for every couple tying the knot. In Germany, this happens almost half a million times a year: about 500.000 couples pledge to share their life and their future. With the extensive Otto Hutt  collection, a perfect match can be found for every single one of them: high quality, individual, and with the promise of a life-long partnership.

Our promise to you is: Made in Germany. Expert craftsmanship, fine materials, a resource-saving production. As individual as your own signature: an engraved writing instrument from the Otto Hutt factory.