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Lasting values, lasting memories

It is surely no coincidence that a journalist invented the world’s most practical writing instrument: A reservoir containing a special, fast-drying ink that is applied to paper by means of metal balls. László Bíró patented his “ballpoint pen” in 1938. Since then, his name has been synonymous with the ever-ready, permanent pen. In addition to the practical handling, it is the durability of the ink that distinguishes this writing instrument: Document-proof, water-resistant and virtually immune to abrasion, the ballpoint pen captures words for eternity.

One for life

Signing a contract, jotting down meeting notes or updating the diary – the ballpoint pen is an indispensable companion in everyday life. With their ingenious mechanical clip, Otto Hutt ballpoint pens always stay exactly where you pin them – even if it’s only on a sheet of paper. Once the twist mechanism is activated, the tip of the ball slides out of its protective casing and is immediately ready for writing. The perfectly shaped ball, which sits perfectly aligned on top of the refill, applies the ink paste uniformly to the paper: no scratching, no lumps, no blotting. Fans of retractable ballpoint pens also get their money’s worth with Otto Hutt’s unmistakable design03.

Whether you prefer bright colors, a reserved blue or black, a guilloche pattern or a pure surface: In our variety of models, you are sure to find your companion for life.