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The depth of the night sky

At nightfall, the sky shines in a dark shade of blue. As a backdrop to the glowing moon and countless stars, the deep, saturated shade of dark blue sets the tone for the universe. Looking up at the infinity of the night sky has a calming effect – just like the trend color navy blue. In October, the autumn trend color is on the agenda at Otto Hutt.

As a classic among colors, navy blue is indispensable in the fall of 2022. This mesmerizing shade of blue harmonizes perfectly with the increasingly dark days of October. Like the depth of the night sky, Otto Hutt writing instruments in shades of blue evoke nostalgia in us. A color that lives in the past and connects all that is happening in the present and the future with experiences of the past.

Calming and soothing – the magical nuance unfolds like an ocean. Found in the depths of the waters, navy blue exudes harmony, tranquility and well-being. With its calm appearance, Otto Hutt writing instruments in shades of blue are both classic and elegant.

Blue inspires, blue calms. With a fresh touch of serenity, the design01, design03, design04 or design05 lines also radiate in several nuances. The contemplative impression of blue is reminiscent of the balance of the sky and the sea. Enjoy the blue hour with unique fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens or mechanical pencils from Otto Hutt.