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Which writing type are you?

Otto Hutt writing instruments are little affected by trends: They are an expression of inner values and convictions. They are traditional handcrafted comfort. And they complement us beautifully. Our little typology of writing instrument lovers.

The conscious consumer

For the conscious consumer, writing comfort and elegance are pleasant side effects of genuine, sustainable craftsmanship. Through a supply chain that is as regionally oriented as possible, Otto Hutt keeps a close eye on the quality of the raw materials used. With design06, these are processed in exemplary manufacturing quality into writing instruments that inspire the desire to write, decade after decade after decade. Available in many colors, fittings coated with platinum, rose gold, yellow gold or PVD.

The Connaisseur

Connoisseurs want the best: flawless quality that can be felt and seen. The classic design language of design02 does not distract from the fact that these writing instruments are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology. The solid body made out of 925/sterling silver is robust for heavy use while still being able to make a good impression on a business meeting. Having to choose between the different designs is not easy, though: Would you fancy a guilloche in stripes, honeycomb or rectangle? The model is also convincing in its simple, unadorned form – being polished to shine in-house using a careful and fine method that originates from jewelry making.


The Globetrotter

Those who are at home in the world like to focus on the essentials for their personal effects: Noble materials in a timeless design. design01 embodies writing pleasure without distractions. The barrel comes with multiple layers of gloss or a matt finish, fittings are coated with rose gold, platinum or ruthenium. Classic, unobtrusive, timeless: With a high level of writing comfort, design01 is perfect for travel diaries, journals, stories, business notes, and much more. …


The Aficionado

design03 is special. Its straight look in muted colors will invariably evoke the values of the Bauhaus tradition. The perfection of craftsmanship, as shown by the precise milling of the cap sleeve and barrel sleeve out of a single piece of brass, meets the highest demands. The soft matte finish is the result of a glass bead jet. As the only series within the Otto Hutt portfolio, design03 seduces with push button to “click”. Those who appreciate beauty will love design03.


The Artist

Surfaces, colors, structures, patterns – no other Otto Hutt series offers as much variety as design04. It is not an easy choice: Will you go for a traditional look in blue or black, for smart in carmine rosé, sage green and sand, or would you prefer elegant playfullness with a wave-pattern guilloche? With fittings in platinum, ruthenium, rose gold and PVD, each model takes on a character all its own. For all creative minds, design04 is a new challenge day after day.