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Writing instruments to go? We’d like to disagree

An average six disposable ballpoint pens are given to each German citizen per year, claims newspaper Die Welt. Makes 496 million items of plastic scrap that end up in the garbage – in just one country. At Otto Hutt, we aim to dismiss this wasteful attitude. Our high-quality writing instruments last a lifetime. Our motto is: handing down instead of throwing away!

An Otto Hutt writing instrument is an overall experience that starts with the unboxing: Our boxes are made of high-quality cardboard and are perfect for long-term reuse. They are perfectly suited to safely preserve the documents of our writing instruments and the cleaning cloth, or any other important belongings. To protect an Otto Hutt writing instrument on the go, we suggest storing it in one of our genuine leather cases. These are also hand-made in Germany. As a rule, we prefer to work with regional suppliers in order to keep our ecological footprint low. In our production facility at the gates of the golden city of Pforzheim, our writing instruments are manufactured focusing on high quality, durability and sustainability. Environmentally friendly production processes are a given. This includes the consistent recovery and recycling of waste products, ranging from lubricants to precious metals. And continues in the finished writing instrument.

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Accessories that keep their promise

We are serious about not using plastic: Instead of disposable ink cartridges, we like to suggest our very own Otto Hutt ink for our fountain pens: handmade, this ink comes in a 30 ml glass container. Choose from five different colors: the classics, Black Night and Ocean Blue, also in a document-proof version. Emerald and gold dust set their very own, unique accents. The color “Red Rose” comes with a subtle perfume. Such a fragrant document is guaranteed not to end up in the garbage.

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