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Full of pleasant anticipation

We are fast approaching the magical month of May: With the long winter finally being forgotten, nature beckons with birdsong and bloom. We will not only celebrate the approaching summer, but also mother and father will now have their celebration days in many countries over the world. How about showing your appreciation to your parents who gave you life with a writing instrument that will last a lifetime? For Mother’s Day, we suggest one of our models with rose gold fittings. Despite their delicate look, the writing instruments are extremely durable. And will make excellent gifts for Mother’s Day. By the way, did you know that the world-famous Fabergé eggs were the first pieces of jewelry to be decorated with rosé gold?

For Father’s Day, we recommend our models in black: they offer of a simple elegance that you never tire of. Be they matt, transparent or glossy, they steal the show and beat both socks and gift baskets by a mile.

Perhaps you would also like to surprise both parents and celebrate their union: the limited edition design04 Harmony expresses what distinguishes successful couples: opposites that complement each other. Like-minded people bringing their individual qualities into play.

Set 1: fountain pen design04 in pearl pink and graphite grey
Set 2: design04 ballpoint pen in pearl pink and graphite grey
Set 3: design04 in pearl pink, fountain pen and ballpoint pen
Set 4: design04 in graphite grey, Füllfederhalter und Kugelschreiber