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Lively, relaxed or exciting.

These precious days when you finally have the time to do all the things you’ve had on your wish list for a long time, stepping outside the daily grind … On our holidays, we are free to try on new sides. To find ourselves. And to spend time with those who are important to us. Whether it’s writing postcards, signing declarations of arrival or putting together a packing list, a trusted writing instrument is part of every trip. Be it lively, relaxed or exciting, whatever your ideal vacation looks like, at Otto Hutt you will find your suitable travel companion. Our rollerballs and twist ballpoint pens, for example, are always ready to go. With their finely tuned mechanical clips, they hang on tight to any shirt pocket, book cover or handbag. Maybe you want to capture special impressions with a sketch: our mechanical pencils are so comfortable to hold that there is just no excuse to stop drawing.

Otto Hutt is always the perfect travel companion

Breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy the moment … If you are looking to treat yourself and do something for your health when on vacation, you should get plenty of exercise in the fresh air. For the training plan, design04 in our special colors Pearl Pink and Graphite Grey tags along to the spa. You may want to double up with your special person or your best friend: The limited edition box “Harmony” offers a set of two, sorted by color or pen type.

Anyone who likes to explore other cities on vacation has a lot to tell to those left back home. Sitting in a sidewalk café in Paris, Madrid, London or Rome, writing becomes a particularly stylish affair with design04 stripes. The matt finish in black and navyblue lacquer spectacularly sets off the perfectly executed guilloché work. Once the writing instrument is safely stowed away back in its pocket, the city hopper is off to the next attraction.

The sailing type is always on the lookout for something special. He feels at one with the elements. Every trip is pure excitement – interrupted only by the pure pleasure of being. For the logbook, design06 is on board: With its pastel colors “sand” and “pistachio”, it reminds us of the joys of summer, blending perfectly with the seascape.

With its manifold natural wonders, a rich music and pop culture, and its iconic landmarks, America inspires time and time again. Just like our design07, the country stands for an uncompromising independence that true fans relish. Our flagship design07 is made of 925 sterling silver and scores with an extra large 18 kt gold nib. Rollerball, twist ballpoint pen and fountain pen are also available in a platinum-plated version, hand-lacquered with a transparent black lacquer.