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Refined, romantic, red

Confident, inspiring and romantic. The peak of summer offers a fiery trend color: red. The bold shade is a summery eye-catcher, whether on corn poppies, ripe fruit or glowing sunsets. At Otto Hutt, vibrant red is chosen as the color of the month for August. 

Red roses make hearts beat faster and red lipstick draws all eyes. This is also the case at Otto Hutt: the design06 in the color of passion and fire is an elegant eye-catcher. The red models of the design06 get their noble look from the platinum-coated fittings. With its perfect organic shape, the design06 is groundbreaking in its smooth feel. The eye-catching red radiates self-confidence and energy. With fiery temperament, the primary color transforms writing into a unique pleasure. With radiant elegance, vitality, love and strength, red has a stimulating effect and seduces our senses.

Charmingly romantic

Is there a more romantic way to deliver a love message than a handwritten letter? A love letter in garnet red ink will melt the heart of your beloved. In the momentum of writing, the fine ink invites you to put your feelings and thoughts on paper. Handmade in Germany, suitable for all fountain pens. While the lovely rose scent of our ink sweetens the senses, an expressive typeface guarantees the conciseness of the message. Inspired by the sensual vibrancy of the trendy color red, the ink in the tone “red rose” conveys what has been written in the most elegant way. For eternity – with style.