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Some colors are a matter of taste, others seem inseparably linked to certain applications: in black and blue, writing instruments are just timeless. For special occasions and for very special people, a special color may add a subtle touch: our limited edition design04 comes in pearl pink and graphite grey. The brushed barrel sleeves are first coated with platinum and then hand-painted. This creates the unmistakable, gentle shimmer.

It’s amazing how much the pearly rosé and the warm grey alter the overall look of our classic model. Like almond blossom and marble stone, each writing instrument is a fascinating beauty. Combined, they merge into emblems of harmony – two opposites that complement each other perfectly.

Iridescent colors in the limited edition

Ideal for everyone who wants to surprise a loved one: the limited edition set “Harmony”. The set consists of two writing instruments, matched by type of writing instrument or by color. The fountain pen is optionally available with a steel nib or an 18 ct gold nib. The high-quality, environmentally friendly gift box also contains a perfectly color-coordinated notepad.

Set 1: fountain pen design04 each in pearl pink and graphite grey
Set 2: ballpoint pen design04 in pearl pink and graphite grey
Set 3: design04 in pearl pink, fountain pen and ballpoint pen
Set 4: design04 in graphite grey, fountain pen and ballpoint pen