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A matter of taste

It is fact well known that taste, especially good taste, is quite simple: Just be satisfied with the best. Unfortunately, we do not know which of our models Oscar Wilde would have chosen. But we are convinced that he would have found his perfect writing instrument with Otto Hutt. Because our fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerballs and pencils are carefully handcrafted from the finest materials: Platinum, ruthenium, rose and yellow gold as well as Sterling silver add high-carat accents.

For our model series, our designers combine many different colors, surfaces and guilloche patterns. If you are looking for something a bit special, Otto Hutt offers you the opportunity to design your own writing instruments: We can realize special editions from a small batch on. You can choose between special colors, guilloche patterns or even a logo print.

Local patriot or intelligentsia

US distributor Kenro Industries welcomed the opportunity to customize their own writing instrument, design07 with a grain guilloche. The watch manufacturer Jean Marcel chose a gold nib and logo decoration for this imposing sterling silver writing instrument.
The dedicated stationery shop Kontor in the German city of Münster took a different approach: their special edition design06 comes with a logo printing of the Gothic gabled houses typical of this medieval city. Cologne-based stationery experts Ortloff also created “Kölsche Föller un Steff” in red and white for their customers.

The nationwide newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung promotes products of outstanding quality and sophisticated design that are manufactured in German factories with their “F.A.Z. Selection. Such as design04 with a checkered guilloche and a matte lacquer finish in sage green: An engraved F.A.Z. logo identifies the owner as belonging to the paper’s intelligentsia readership.

A noble writing instrument is always an adornment. Whether you use it to show that you belong to a certain group or to prove that you are an aesthete is a matter of individual preference. It is, however, always a sign of good taste.