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All green

The green wave doesn’t just continue in nature or on the catwalk – it’s also turning green at Otto Hutt. The beginning of summer brings with it a new trend color. Whether light or dark: in June green is on our agenda. The new absolute favorite color dominates the fashion world and interior design. Not without reason – shades of green convey freshness and tranquility. Symbolically, the color is associated not only with nature, but also with happiness and hope. It has a calming effect and stimulates creativity. In this way, it awakens the desire to write large and small works: whether to-do lists or even entire stories. The evergreens sage green and emerald green are also represented at Otto Hutt and make our writing instruments as well as the accessories shine in trendy colors.

As a tradition-conscious writing instrument manufacturer, we let ourselves be inspired by this color trend. The timelessly elegant design04 and the classic design01 in sage green provide deep relaxation in the midst of everyday chaos. The colorful approach gives the writing instruments of the design lines a fresh touch of nature paired with trendy zeitgeist.

Putting one’s thoughts on paper or giving free rein to one’s creativity also takes shape in green: the fine, handmade ink in the Emerald color variation transforms writing into a unique experience with great pleasure. The history of colored ink goes back to ancient Egypt: even then, the hieroglyphs on the ancient papyrus scrolls appeared in colorful variations. Nowadays, the special nature of the extraordinary ink lets you color your personal, individual character – with style.