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Colorful diversity

In the colors of the rainbow: colorful diversity has its place at Otto Hutt. With bold colors of the rainbow, the writing instruments fit ideally into the summer. Whether purple, blue, green, yellow, orange or red – there is something for every type of writer. Take design06, for example: Arctic Blue, Lavender Violet or Red will arouse a desire for warm sunny days with a diary or postcard. The fountain pens of design06 models can be fitted with either steel or gold nibs. The barrel and caps of the color variants are glossy lacquered, while the fittings are platinum, gold or rose gold plated, depending on the color variant. Lovers of the classic color tones are not left out either. The writing instruments are also available in black, white and gray color variations.

Perfect optics with highest functionality

In order to achieve a perfect appearance with flawless coloration, countless layers of lacquer are applied and polished by master craftsmen at the Otto Hutt manufactory. This creates not only an incomparable depth effect, but also an extremely robust surface structure. In addition, the multi-coated surface ensures an exceptionally charming writing pleasure through particularly pleasant haptics.