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Quality as a world view.

design08 is the new creation of designer Mark Braun.

Commissioned by Otto Hutt, Mark Braun has created design08, a fountain pen that sets its own quality standards in development, design, production and function. design08 stands for a world view in which precision craftsmanship and high-tech claim a place in our everyday goods and writing culture.

Form follows function: design08.

design08 is a play with proportions. The fine, regular lines are guilloché and characterise the entire ruthenium-coated surface. On the cap and on the rotating cylindrical heel, the guilloché is rotated by 90°. This indicates the directions of rotation when the cap is removed and when the innovative Pull+Twist™ function is activated. The sophisticated mechanical clip makes clear the highest manufacturing precision that Otto Hutt puts into every part. The 18 ct gold nib and the individual number round off the design08.

The 18 ct gold nib is available in the nib sizes EF, F, M and B.

The shape of the grip piece gives the fingers sufficient hold when writing.

The grip piece of the piston fountain pen is made of stainless steel, matt black and coated with PVD.

The cap is also cylindrical, the cap roof concave.

The mechanical clip is spring-loaded with a steel spring and breaks through the recess on the cap roof.

The cap and clip form a connection, practically as if the fine mechanics of the writing instrument were pushing outwards. The clip sinks into the recess of the cap roof when actuated.



Design as a Total Work of Art.

Mark Braun is one of the outstanding German designers. with his design language in different areas of life and products, he has already cleared numerous awards.

The closeness to Bauhaus, the attitude to quality, manufacturing precision and attention to detail are values that stand behind every single product - and the basis of the cooperation between Mark Braun and Otto Hutt.

design08 is perfectly formed design, characterised by many special details. A total work of art for writing.