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Writing pleasure in Bauhaus style: Quill & Pad about Otto Hutt

The online magazine Quill & Pad, which specializes in reporting on luxury watches and accessories, published a praising press report about the precise manufacturing and uniqueness of Otto Hutt’s exclusive designs. This deals with the exceptionally high-quality model lines and places the Otto Hutt brand on the list of best writing instrument manufacturers from Germany.

Otto Hutt combines many of the craftsmanship skills used in early years of the brand’s long tradition with modern techniques. The combination of the past and the present is reflected in the designs. The time-honored craft of guilloching is nowadays executed in a contemporary manner, both by hand and with CNC machines. All the manufacturing steps of the writing instruments, which include fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens and pencils, take place in the domestic manufactory in the northern Black Forest.

Unforgettable designs in the Bauhaus style

Although the designs are based on the Bauhaus style, each design line has distinctive details such as shape and material that make it unique – according to Quill & Pad. In this regard, design01 and design02 go back to the company’s roots, with design03 described by CEO and owner Marco Frei as an adaptation of the 1940s writing instrument style. The brand broke new ground with the launch of the limited edition designC and design08. A special feature here is the collaboration with award-winning German designer Mark Braun – also for the purist, elegant designC. This design model is given special attention – the author of the article, Nancy Olson, describes it as a first-class example of great artistic expressiveness coupled with precise manufacturing. According to the online magazine, design08 reinterprets ancient technology in a modern way through the design and guilloché lines on the ruthenium-coated surface. The mechanical clip embodies pure precision, as does the cap: when closed, the number of the limited edition pen is perfectly aligned with the back of the 18-karat gold nib. With attention to detail, design08 reflects the spirit of the brand in its construction and purpose. An attitude where craftsmanship and modern technologies claim their place in our everyday culture – in our way of life.