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Spring is fast approaching – it only took a bit of sunshine for nature to re-awaken. Crocuses are covering entire meadows in purple and yellow, the first tulips are peeping out, and of course it is time for the daffodils to be making their grand entrance. With various pastel and rose tones, Otto Hutt writing instruments fit perfectly into this spring mood. For example, design06: pistachio, lilac, cashmere and sand make us think of these long warm days, which we spend sitting in the sun, writing diaries and postcards. For the fountain pens of the design06 models, there is a choice of steel or gold nibs. The barrel and caps of these color variants are lacquered, the fittings are coated with platinum, gold or rose gold respectively.


Lovers of delicate rose gold will also like other Otto Hutt models: design06 seashell pink, blush red and pink, for example. Delicate as a magnolia blossom, design03 dazzles in rose white: a line drawn in rose gold symbolizes the golden ratio. Barrel and cap end in a playful round shape.

The barrel of design04 features one of our special guilloché pattern. Once the waves, which vary in depth, have been cut, they are then coated with rose gold. Several layers of lacquer are each sanded and polished, bringing this piece of expert craftsmanship to perfection.
Did you know that just as with the guilloché pattern, rose gold owes a lot of its fame to the Fabergé eggs? At the fin de siecle, this rosy, shiny alloy was first presented to the public adorning these coveted pieces of jewelry.