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Creativity meets daily routine

New year, new luck – every year we set ourselves new resolutions to change our lives. However, alongside work, leisure, friends and family, they are often forgotten. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we hardly find time to keep an eye on the goals we have set. But a bullet journal offers the opportunity to record the New Year’s resolutions, capture experiences of the year and transfer the thoughts onto paper.

Bullet Journal – a true all-rounder in everyday life. It serves as a personal assistant and secretary. How does it work? Structuring everyday life is often difficult: the dozens of appointments and meetings are written down in the traditional calendar, one’s own ideas wander onto napkins while drinking coffee and endless to-do lists end up on notepads. The overview disappears and the daily structure goes to pieces. To ensure that neither ideas nor meetings are forgotten, the US designer Ryder Carroll developed the concept of bullet journaling.

Bullet journaling combines all needs in one place. It is a kind of calendar for personal organization, in which appointments, lists, thoughts and inspirations are regularly recorded. The structure of a bullet journal is not strictly defined. Just as every person is individual, so is their bullet journal. There are no limits to your own creativity. Everyday life is structured in a colorful and imaginative way. But not only organizational things find their place there – your own ideas, notes, sayings, goals, thoughts and much more make your own bullet journal a unique everyday companion.

Key to self-organization

Otto Hutt writing instruments are ideal for individual structuring and creative expression. The pastel shades of the design06 in particular stimulate creativity. Whether pistachio, lilac, seashell pink or arctic blue – new ideas and thoughts can be excellently captured with the colorful writing instruments.