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design08 has arrived! From now, it is going to set standards against which manual manufacturing precision will be measured. Take the ingenious mechanical clip, for instance: it is sprung with a steel spring and gently breaks through the cylindrical cap, forming a mechanical connection. On both cap and on the rotatable, cylindrical finial at the end of the shaft, the guilloché pattern, which covers the entire ruthenium-coated surface, is rotated by 90°. Thus, indicating in which direction to twist when removing the cap and activating the innovative Pull+Twist™ function.

design08 is perfectly shaped design that is characterized by special attention to detail. The writing instrument was created by Mark Braun. And it is already the second extraordinary fountain pen that he developed on behalf of Otto Hutt. Like siblings, designC and design08 display many small differences while sharing big similarities: Both impress with the innovative Pull+Twist™ function. With a simple twist the ink chamber is filled, a final turn of the shaft end locking the mechanism. On both models, an 18 ct gold nib adorns the grip section, which is made of stainless steel, matt black and coated with PVD.

And yet design08 is different, independent. With its fine, regular lines it is a game of proportions. Once the Pull+Twist™ is locked, the individual numbering on the finial is perfectly aligned with the back of the nib. It is this love of detail that characterizes the cooperation between Mark Braun and Otto Hutt. And turns design08 into a holistic work of art for writing.